Ray Roche Park Enhancement

Community Feedback - The Survey is now closed.  

Thank you for your participation. 

At Upper Providence Township, we are taking your feedback seriously and trying to incorporate as many suggestions as possible. 
Please note that the enhancements are made possible thanks to a generous grant of $424,000 awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development. Thus, funding is limited.

The next step is to analyze the data derived from residents' feedback and devise an enhancement plan that accommodates as many of the suggested improvements as feasible. Please note that the park will include ADA standards, such as a wheelchair ramp, to be physically accessible to people with disabilities. 

After incorporating your feedback into the plan, we will unveil it to the public and initiate the final phase, improving and rebuilding parts of the park. 

Report on the Survey of Upper Provident Township Residents on Improvements to Ray Roche Park