FAQ - Confidentiality of Township Forms

If I file a complaint with the Township, will it remain confidential?

Yes and No. When a complaint is filed with the Township by an individual, the Township strongly encourages that this person (the complainant) provides his or her name and residence information with the description of the perceived violation. This information is not public information and remains private throughout any investigation. Under Section 708 of the PA Right to Know Law (Act 3 of 2008), if a requestor is seeking the name or copies of the complaint submitted to the Township or other correspondence between the complainant and the Township, this information is exempt from access and will not be provided. This type of information is exempt from public access under the Right to Know Law and the complainant's name and address will always remain confidential in this situation.

Depending on the nature of the code violation and case and/or whether a particular matter would go before the District Magistrate, the complainant should be made aware of the fact that he/she may be called to testify as a victim and describe the problem or issues identified in the complaint. Although these situations are very rare, in this situation the complainant’s identity is no longer confidential. Again, these cases are not common.