Service Fee
Compost/leaf bags
$0.50 per bag
Comprehensive Plan $25
Conditional Use Permit Application
Conditional Use Escrow Deposit
Contractors Registration (if not registered with State)
Copying of Township Material
$0.25 per copy (Cost for copying records/plans which require outside copying services will be based on the actual current local prices for such services plus and administrative fee of $10.)
Curative Amendment
Grease Trap Inspection (conducted twice yearly)
$250 annual fee
Home Occupation Permit
Mailing of material
$10 handling fee and cost of item and postage
Parks/Field(Groups greater than 25) $10 per participant
Parking Ticket
Police Reports
Recycling Containers Can and Lid
Recycling Containers Can Only
Recycling Containers Lid Only
Returned Check
Road/Street opening (utility repair/installation)
$100 up to 36 sq.ft., plus $40 per 100LF
Room Rental
Sidewalk/curbing (utility permit) $100
Sign Permit Application
Temporary Sign Permit (max. 90 days) $75
Solicitation Permit - Initial (includes one solicitor) $100, $25 for each additional solicitor
Solicitation Permit - Renewal (includes one solicitor) $50, $10 for each additional solicitor
Stormwater Management Permit Application
Stormwater Management Escrow Deposit $2,000
Tax Certification Fee $20
Tax Duplicates $20
Vacant Property Registration: Application/Registration
Vacant Property Registration: Inspection (Includes 1 re-inspection)
Vacant Property Registration: Additional Inspections
$75 per inspection
Zoning Compliance Letter
Zoning Map $25
Zoning Ordinance Book

Please note: Certificates will only be mailed out if a stamped self-addressed envelope is attached to the application form.