Building Permits

In accordance with Pennsylvania Act 157, a mandatory $4.50 educational fee will be collected for each permit application, in addition, to permit fees.

Penalty Fee for work performed without a permit in addition to the actual fee:

  • Residential - $150
  • Commercial - $250

Building Plan Review

The Township may determine that a special building plan review is required. If it is determined that a specialized building plan review is required, the applicant shall execute a reimbursement agreement wherein the applicant agrees to reimburse the Township for any costs incurred for specialized plan reviews. Fees for specialized plan reviews are fees in addition to any permit fees or Township review fees required by any other ordinance, regulation, or resolution by the Township.

Additional fees may be imposed for the review of plans and inspections made by outside agencies, individuals, or organizations. The fee imposed shall be reasonable and will be calculated by the Township Engineer, based on the actual cost to the Township.

The applicant, owner, or agent will reimburse to the Township all fees paid by the Township to the Township Engineer, Solicitor, Planner, Traffic Engineer, or other professional consultant for all reviews and field inspections.

  1. Residential
  2. Non-Residential
  3. Miscellaneous Building Fees
  • New construction, including all habitable spaces (basement, garage, porch, and deck areas): $20 per $1,000 or portion thereof ($300 minimum)
  • Additions to any residential classification: $20 per $1,000 or portion thereof ($300 minimum)
  • Repairs, Alterations, and Renovations (including basement, garage, and porch to living space and installation of new door or window in the new opening): $20 per $1,000 or portion thereof ($300 minimum)
  • Decks and Porches (greater than 30 inches above grade): $0.75 per square foot ($200 minimum)
  • Demolition: $175 per structure
  • Pools (in-ground): $25 per $1,000 or portion thereof ($300 minimum)
  • Pool (above-ground and greater than 24 inches in depth): $200
  • Retaining walls (greater than 48 inches of retained earth): $10 per linear foot ($200 minimum)


We are not responsible for errors or omissions. Hard copies are available in the Township Office or call 610-565-4944 with any questions regarding the fee schedule.