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When is the next Household Hazardous Waste Event?  

Click link above for complete details

What are the requirements if I want to have a block party?
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How do I get a license for my dog?

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Will A. J. Blosenski pick up my old computer, TV and related components?
You may call A.J. Blosenski to make arrangements (for a fee) to have your TV picked up. Call them at 610-942-2707 to inquire.

The Landfill Disposal Ban went into effect January 24, 2013. This means that no person may dispose of these devices or related components with their regular trash these items must be must be properly recycled.  Here are some suggestions:

      Retailers that sell these devices. Participating retailers that offer this service are not permitted
      to charge a fee unless a financial incentive is provided.

     Best Buy will take TVs and monitors up to 32" along with DVD, CD players and most small electronics
      excluding microwaves  It is best to call first.  .

      Salvation Army at 66 Chester Pike in Darby will accept WORKING TVs of all sizes.

      Staples will accept computers, NO monitors or TV's.  It is best to call first.  


List of facilities in Delaware County accepting these items click for list scroll down to Delaware


I need a new recycling can does the Township provide them?

Yes. Recycling cans are available at the Township Building 8:30-4:30 M-F.

You may also pick up a recycling sticker for an additional can at no charge.

Does the Township regulate dog barking, running at large and clean up of dog waste?

Yes.  click to search ordinances if you are unable to find an answer to your question please call the township and we will assist you.

Does the Township have a noise/nuisance ordinance?

Yes.  click to search ordinances If you do not find the answer to your question please call the township and we will assist. you.

Does the Township require a Use & Occupancy certificate for the re-sale of a home? 
click for the form and detailed information
Click for check list of items that you need to comply with before scheduling your Use & Occupancy inspection

Who should I call about wild life on my property?

Strickler Animal Control - Allen Strickler office 610-485-2770 or any animal control company of your choice.  The township does not handle wild life issues therefore the homeowner will be responsible for any incurred expense.   

How do I contact Rose Tree Fire Company?

The non-emergency phone number is 610-566-5891

Who provides ambulance service to the Township?

It is provided by Media Fire Company

I have a lost/found dog who should I contact?

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Is a permit required for a fence, a patio, a deck or a shed?

Yes.  You need to obtain a zoning permit.  Click for application and fees

Is a permit required for a temporary storage unit (etc., POD)

Yes.  Temporary Storage Units (PODS, etc.) require a permit prior to placement. click for application

Who do I call about a dead deer on my property?

You should call the township 610-565-4944 and they will report it to the proper authority.

What voting district am I in and where do I vote?

click to view township voting district map

Is open burning allowed?

No open burning is permitted in the township.

How do I know which streets are Township maintained and which are PennDot maintained?

Not all streets within the township are maintained by Upper Providence.  Most streets are maintained by Upper Providence Township others are maintained by PennDot.  Here is a list of PennDot streets:

Baltimore Pike
Bishop Hollow Road

Crum Creek Road (south from State Rd. to Nether Providence Township Line)

Kirk Lane

Manchester Avenue (except for 488 ft. between bridge at Knowlton Rd. and Nether Providence Twp. line)

S. Orange Street

Palmer's Mill Road

Providence Road

N. Ridley Creek Road

Rose Tree Road

State Road

When is yard waste collected and how?

A. J. Blosenski shall collect, remove and dispose of yard waste placed at curbside in approved paper biodegradable, compostable bags, approved 55 gallon container or tied into bundles no more than 3' in length and weighing no more than 30 lbs. The collection will occur twice a month on the first and third Wednesday throughout the year or other scheduled time as approved by the Township. Yard waste may consist of tree trimmings, shrubbery, general yard and garden residues/wastes and other similar material but specifically excluding grass clippings

What do I do with my old holiday tree?

In order to be composted place trees curbside the first three Wednesdays in January each year.  Trees must be free of decorations. 

Residents may also place trees curbside to be collected with their regular trash.

Does the Township pick up leaves? 

A. J. Blosenski will collect, remove and dispose of leaves at curbside in approved paper compostable, biodegradable bags starting with the first Wednesday in October through the end of December. There shall be no limit to the number of bags per household. Residents shall place their leaves at curbside, or in case of no curbing, at the end of their property, but at no time within the street

When are the Township council meetings?

Township Council meets the 2nd Thursday of each month for their regular business meeting and the 4th Thursday of each month for their Committees meeting.  Click to view entire meeting schedule

When do the other Township Boards, Commission, Committees and Authorities meet?

Click to view the schedule for other township meetings

What should I recycle and when is it collected?

click for complete details including a link to your street name and when your recycling will be collected

What can I do about my neighbor's property that is unsightly with overgrown grass, trash in the yard and weeds?

It is best to contact the Township and be directed to Code Enforcement so that the property in question can be checked for any code violations. 

How do I dispose of an old refrigerator, air conditioner or dehumidifier?

A. J. Blosenski will pick up these items for a fee. (call 610-942-2707) to make arrangements.  Therefore, you may want to try several of the following to dispose of the item:

H & R Trucking & Environmental Services - (610)-833-2836
Recycle Metals Corp.- (610)828-5553
Safe Disposal-(215) 332-3134

What do I do if a tree falls from my property onto the street?

Call 911 so that the Highway Department can be notified. 

Where can I obtain information about pest control?

click for information


If you have questions that were not answered by the above FAQ's please contact the township at 610-565-4944.









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