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1. How do I contact the Upper Providence Township Police Department?
2. When should 911 be used?
3. What is required to be on a vehicle that is parked in a handicapped space?
4. How do I get a handicapped placard?
5. What designates a handicapped parking space?
6. Are weapons such as air guns and paintball guns permitted in the Township?
7. Are fireworks permitted in Upper Providence Township?
8. Is there a curfew in Upper Providence Township?
9. When is one required to report an accident to the police?
10. How do I obtain a copy of an accident report and what is the cost?
11. When a parking ticket is issued, how should it be paid?
12. Does the Township require a permit when someone is selling door to door?
13. Is an alarm registration required in Upper Providence Township? If so, how do I obtain one and what does it cost?
14. Is there a penalty for repeated false alarm activations?