Realty Tax

Upper Providence Township levies a tax on all property transferred from one owner to another. The collection/payment of the tax takes place at the property closing. The total transfer tax on all real property sold in Upper Providence Township is 3% of the sale price. Of the 3%, 1% goes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, .5% to the Rose Tree Media School District and 1.5% to Upper Providence Township.

2017 Township Tax Levy

4 mills

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program

  • Settled about 1683
  • Incorporated as a township in 1687
  • Area 5.93 square miles
  • Population- 10,142 (per 2010 census)
  • Distance to center city Philadelphia is 21 miles or 45 minutes
  • Upper Providence is 98% residential, 1% commercial and 1% industrial
  • 90 to 360 feet above sea level