Grinder Pump Storage Capacity

One of the most common questions that is asked about the operation of sewer grinder pumps is what happens if the electric goes off.

If the electric goes off, the pump motor cannot come on. However, each pump has storage capacity that allows the home owner to continue to use their necessary facilities. Each pump tank always has 24 gallons in the bottom. When the level in the tank reaches 32 gallons (see note), the level is pumped back to 24 gallons. Therefore, the available storage capacity at the outset of a power outage would be between 38 gallons and 46 gallons. In real life terms, assuming use of a low flow toilet, 38 gallons equals 23 flushes and 46 gallons equals 28 flushes. If power outages are a major concern, please talk to me so that I can offer some insight and suggestions that may help address your concerns.

Note: at some of our previous meetings and in conversations with customers, I believe I stated that the pump comes on when the level in the tank reaches 37 gallons. This was incorrect. The pump comes on at 32 gallons according to manufacturers literature.

Dick Spielman
Operations Manager