Road Program

The 2023 Road Program was awarded to the lowest bidder - Innovative Construction Services, Inc. on May 11, 2023 for the amount of $502,970.25.

2023 Repaving

 Full Road to be paved

  • Steeplechase Dr. - From N. Providence to Ridley Creek
  • Chapel Hill Rd. - From N. Providence to Ridley Creek 
  • E. Lincoln St. - From W. Lincoln to Park to Gayley
  • S. Jackson St. - From UPT/Media Borough Boundary to W. Lincoln
  • W. Lincoln St. - From Olive to Park to E. Lincoln
  • Pin Oak Dr. - From Chapel Hill to N. Feathering
  • N. Feathering Ln. - From Ridley Creek to Cul De Sac
  • Martingale Rd. - From N. Feathering to Cul De Sac


Half to be paved 


  • Kelly Ln. - From 280 Sycamore Mills to 100 Kelly Lane 

Map 5